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Root Canal Therapy in Crown Point, IN

Definition of a Root Canal?

The soft pulp tissue inside your tooth can sometimes become seriously injured, diseased or exposed because of extensive tooth decay. When this happens, you are likely to experience severe pain and loss of normal tooth function. Root canal surgery, which is also known as endodontic treatment, is a surgical process that removes the damaged pulp and relieves pain permanently.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Once it is seriously damaged, the pulp inside your tooth can’t repair itself. Root canal treatment may be needed to save the tooth when you experience the following signs and symptoms:

  • Persistent, recurrent tooth pain that keeps you awake at night or interferes with normal functioning
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain when biting or clenching teeth
  • Areas of deep decay
  • Gum swelling near the affected tooth

What Type of Dentist Does Root Canals?

A root canal dentist can be a general dentist or an endodontist. You may be referred to an endodontic specialist if your surgery will be complicated or you require re-treatment of a previous root canal. If you need to find a local endodontist or dentist to treat tooth pain, we can connect you with a skilled provider who can meet your needs. Contact us today for details.

What Steps Are Involved in a Root Canal?

The average root canal procedure takes between one and two hours to complete. It generally involves the following stages:

  • A general anesthetic is administered to prevent pain.
  • The gum tissue and skin near the affected tooth will be shielded to keep it clean.
  • An opening is made in the crown of the tooth so that your dentist can access its pulp chamber.
  • The pulp is completely removed, and special instruments are used to clean out and shape the root canals.
  • A liquid is placed into the canals to disinfect them.
  • The empty canals are filled with a rubbery material known as gutta-percha and are carefully sealed.
  • A root canal crown completes the restoration.

Average Root Canal Cost

Root canal cost is determined by the condition and location of your tooth, the type of provider who performs the surgery and how much preparation and follow-up treatment is required. Most insurance policies will cover at least part of the dental root canal cost. You’ll need to schedule a consultation to determine your final cost. Contact us for assistance.

Are There Different Types of Root Canal Treatments?

Most root canals are needed in molars or back teeth that receive a high level of wear. However, the root canal procedure can restore any type of damaged tooth. More unusual alternatives to typical root canals include removal of the tip of a root, which is called an apicoectomy, and removal of the diseased pulp, but not the nerve, which is known as a pediatric pulpotomy.

Dental Root Canal Treatment Pain

The root canal has acquired an undeserved reputation for producing pain. In reality, today’s anesthetic options prevent both the physical pain and the anxiety associated with root canal surgery. Getting a root canal in Crown Point won’t leave you in agony. In fact, it will take your pain away. Get relief now by scheduling a consultation with one of our skilled providers.

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